Ultra-Low Dose, Insight to the Details

Mednova's mobile C-Arm X-ray system adopts a high-power high-voltage generator, with its self-developed FPD (amorphous silicon type) brings HF dynamic images, providing doctors more accurate, more smart and more efficient imaging solutions on orthopedics, pillar surgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology and other clinical diseases.



Increasing the size of flat panel detector allows for a larger field of view

Combining high definition, low-dose, non-destructive imaging technology, can greatly help doctors to perform more efficient and delicate surgeries.

Multiple protection measures are adopted to reduce dosage

·Core components developed in-house ·High-frequency pulse fluoroscopy combined with DAP display ·Virtual pre-adjustment technology for view of field ·Self-developed intelligent CStarayTm medical imaging algorithm

Wireless connection of the workstation, provides more flexible operation

Equipped with a 30-inch medical LCD display and footswitch, allows doctors to remote control the exposure and review images in real-time without physically being in the shielding room, saving time and effort.


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